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PRIVO COPPA Certification
Kudos&Co Launches Safer Sharing Experience for Kids; Secures PRIVO COPPA Safe Harbor Certification

Red Tricycle
Instagram… for Kids? We Have Thoughts

Could Kudos – an Instagram for kids – be the key to grown-up social media?

Leah Newman
Thanks Kudos & Co...

Getting Real in a Digital World
Leah Nieman - Parent Guide to Kudos

Huffington Post
Kudos App Introduces Kids to Social Media with Positive Spin

Talking ‘Bout The Next Generation: Who Will Be Their Voice, and Their Mouthpiece?

Kudos&Co Expands Leadership Team
With Former DreamWorks Executive

Kudos&CO Launches Social Media Experience Built Just for Kids

Digital Journal
Kudos&CO Launches Social Media Experience Built Just for Kids

Kudos&Co Secures $5.73M in Seed Funding
Kudos&Co Secures $5.73M in Seed Funding

The new Kudos app is like Instagram for kids.

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Company behind kids' social media app opens Bozeman office

Kudos&Co Launches Social Media Experience Built Just for Kids


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Company Facts

Founded in 2014, Spot.lite Inc is an entertainment company that is revolutionizing safe social sharing for kids. 


Kudos Wins Prestigious KAPi Award at CES

January 8th, 2017

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Ole Vidar Hestaas

Founder, Co-founder


Ole is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. Previous successful startups he’s headed include IndustriData, Statsjobb, MobileAxept and Tide Forsikring.


With 4 children, Ole saw a disturbing trend in the amount of online bullying that occurs with adolescent use of social media. Kudos is a solution that he hopes will create a massive shift in the way children enter the world of social media.