My child is having trouble signing in.  What could be the problem?

Your child may have selected a username that is already in our database or may be mistyping a password. Look for the green check which signals that the username and password have been accepted by Spot.lite.


Having trouble with activation?

Children under 13 must secure parental approval to use the app.  Therefore, Spot.lite must be able to contact an adult guardian. The app asks the child to include a parent email address. This is difficult for some children and errors can occur. The Spot.lite app immediately requests parental authorization as soon as the registration process is complete. If you do not receive an authorization request immediately, please check the app to see if your child has entered your email address correctly.


How do I authorize my child to use Spot.lite?

The law requires that parents verify their identity before they can authorize their child. This is a quick and easy process. Spot.lite works with a respected third party, PRIVO, to verify identity. No information which you provide is saved or shared by either Spot.lite (former Kudos) or PRIVO. If you are having problems with verification, please click here to view the tutorial. 


I have already authorized my child's account. Why do I have to to authorize it again?

Now there are new safety laws. Parents need to go through a simple verification step to make sure the person who authorizes a child's use of Spot.lite is an adult- a parent or legal guardian. There are a number of ways a parent can be verified. We use an independent verification  service and they do not save any of personal information.  We know it's an extra step but it's the law, and it's for your child's protection. 


How does Spot.lite protect my child?

Parents are sent requests to activate their child’s account. Until the account has been activated, no one can see a child’s post.  Spot.lite Moderators review all videos, pictures, comments and captions and will remove any that are inappropriate.  Parents are notified of their child’s posts.


We do not share your child’s information with anyone, but from time to time, we may feature a posted masterpiece (without names) in our marketing materials. 


Spot.lite users are not allowed to post any personal information or the personal information of others. Comments containing this information are deleted by our moderators. 


When using Spot.lite, geo-location features are disabled for safety reasons.


Users who disregard Spot.lite´s safety or positive behavior rules can be temporarily prevented from using the app or their accounts may be permanently deleted. 


How does Spot.lite handle friends?

All friendships are mutual in Spot.lite. All friend requests are pending until both parties agree to accept them.  


Once friendships have been accepted on both sides, users will be able to see each other’s profiles, full names, posts, groups and friends. They will also see all the videos and pictures their friends have posted.


Parents will be able to delete friends through notification emails sent out when a their child posts a picture/video.  Kids may also delete friends should they choose to do so.


What will my child do in the Spot.lite app?

Spot.lite users can share videos or photos from their camera roll or camera and they can see and react to videos and photos shared by their friends.  Kids can draw, add comments or captions, and can join Groups to share pictures with other children who share their interests.


Can I report a video, photo, caption or comment?

Occasionally, you may come across a video, photo, comment or caption that you might find inappropriate. If you want to report it, click on the icon that is at the bottom right-hand corner of the photo. All reported content goes immediately to our moderators for review.


My child received a rude comment.  How can I report or remove it?

Spot.lite offers a comment feature because we are training our users to interact with others on social media in a positive way.  However, kids will occasionally post negative comments. For this reason, every comment must be approved by the user before it can be seen by anyone in the Spot.lite community. If your child receives a comment that, for any reason at all, they do not want associated with their video/picture, they should go to the notification center, find the comment, touch it to open the approval page and block the comment. In the notification list, the comment will show as blocked (a gray circle and X). Then no one will be able to see that comment. 


Why does Spot.lite ask for my child’s full name? 

At Spot.lite, we believe in taking responsibility for everything you share online. We would like Spot.lite kids to only share things they want to have directly associated with them. By making their name visible, they will be held accountable for all the content they decide to publish.


When my child signs into Spot.lite, he/she can see posts from people who are not him/her authorized friends.  Will my child's pictures and information be shown to strangers too? 

In the registration process, we require that a child select a Group to join. This is to make sure that they have some fun content in their feed right away. If you do not want your child's pictures to be shown to children he/she does not know, please tell him/her to invite friends and then select Friends only (and not Groups) when she posts. If you do not want her to see posts from children who are not her friends, go to Settings and turn off the option to Show All Group Posts in Feed.


Is my child too young to be using Spot.lite?

Spot.lite is a safe, fun and educational way to introduce children to the world of social media. The app has been designed with the “under 13” age group in mind, but Spot.lite is for everyone.


How do I get Spot.lite for my child?

Go to the App store or Google Play and download the app.


How can my child invite friends to the app?

A child can invite a friend from a suggested list of people they might know or can text or email friends to invite them to download Spot.lite.  A friend must accept an invitation in order for two children to be linked.  Parents may see a list of their children’s friends at any time.


Can my child choose to see only his friends posts and not those of both friends and groups?

Yes, this choice may be selected in the profile preferences.


How do I deactivate an account?

Please send your request to Spot.lite´s Customer Support at support@spotlite.app. We will be happy to help you.


How can I retrieve my child’s password or username?

Open the app and type in your child´s username. Press “Forgot password?” You will now receive an email guiding you how to create a new password.


Can my child delete a posted picture? 

Yes, pictures can be deleted from the Profile page.


Can I re-activate a deleted account? 

No. For security reasons, nothing is stored when you delete an account.


Is it possible to have multiple email addresses connected to a child's profile?

No, we only store one guardian email per child.


Is it possible to register several kids with the same parent email?

Yes, several children can be registered using a single parent email account. 

What length of video is allowed?

To continue to moderate all content, videos are 10 seconds in length for the time being.