Create a Movement of Kindness


#KudosKids – Let's Create a Movement of Kindness


We love finding those everyday heroes that make a difference in the community. The funny thing is that it doesn't take much to unleash simple acts of kindness on a regular basis, we can make an enormous impact not only in another person’s life but for our future overall. At Kudos&Co, we not only encourage simple acts of kindness we celebrate it through our #KudosKids shout outs.


Parents and teachers, do you know someone who is deserving of a little kudos? Let us know by either tagging us on Twitter via #KudosKids, on Facebook or a quick email to Let's create a movement of kindness.

For those of you inspired to start today, there are so many things you can do to make a difference. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Pay for someone’s cup of coffee, food or toll

  • Pass out items to those in need

  • Write a note or let someone know how special they are to you on a card or online

  • Help someone with the door, their books, bags etc.

  • Deliver food to your local first responders

  • Connect with other students to prepare breakfast for teachers

  • Donate to a cause that you care about

  • In a classroom, suggest the friendship hand project. Have each student in the class  trace their hand on a piece of paper, then have each member of the class write a complimentary word on the hand about that person

  • Help out with chores at home, offer to do a task you wouldn’t typically do

  • Take flowers to a senior center or to someone who wouldn’t be expecting them

  • Collect needed items for a local shelter or non-profit

No act is too small! Join us in our mission to make a kinder, gentler world. Don't forget to let us know how it is going. You can submit examples of #KudosKids to