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Spot.lite (former Kudos) is designed to inspire our future athletes, artists and doodlers, young explorers, bookworms, little rockers, and computer whizzes to have the courage to express themselves, to create, to co-exist, to connect and to respect one another.


Spot.lite (Kudos) began with a simple idea to provide a safe environment for kids to be able to share photographs in much the same way that adults use Instagram. The app has evolved to be much more than that.  We strive to help young people realize that they have an impact on their world.  What they say and do matters.  We are building a digital environment where children can explore, learn, and understand how to be positive and thrive in the ever-expanding universe of social media. 

We do all this in a highly-secure environment without undermining the sense of freedom, fun or play- a unique experience designed to inspire, engage and enrich kids. 

We are building a digital ecosystem of content and apps for kids with safety at its core.  Our vision is to create a community where kids can safely play, discover and share while still being engaged with their families.

Spot.lite harnesses the power of social media to empower our youth to build a better world.