Celebrate EVERY Day


This week we want to feature a fun story that we stumbled upon just recently, a family that celebrates daily holidays with fun pictures on their family blog which is aptly titled, Happy Hollardays - a play on their last name. The family made it their New Year’s Resolution to celebrate the everyday holidays.



According to the Erin Dollarhide, “I always hate to see the holidays come to an end every year. This year, I had a revelation. Why does it have to come to an end? It doesn't!  I pitched it to my family that we would celebrate the mundane and silly holidays of 2018...EVERY SINGLE DAY! People often comment, 'That sounds like a lot of work!' It generally takes five minutes. FIVE minutes... to smile, laugh, be silly, enjoys life's sweetness. Make the time to celebrate life! I promise...you won't be disappointed!”

As a company that celebrates daily inspiration, kindness and happiness, we were smitten with this fun display and wanted to share this wonderful story to inspire others to celebrate everyday. Some of our favorites includes: Vietnam Veteran’s Day, Take Your Parents to the Park Day, and French Bread Day… What a fun way to celebrate the everyday and share these fun moments in Kudos! Here is a link to daily holidays to get started.