Happy #NationalDayofUnplugging


Did you know that today is the National Day of Unplugging?  That anxious feeling that you just felt, we feel it too.  But be brave and have fun with it. Make this a day where you engage with your friends and family. The unplugging officially begins at sundown today until sundown on Saturday, March 10th. The National Day of Unplugging highlights the fact that our smartphones have become dependency.  According to the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of Americans now own a cellphone of some sort, and 77 percent of them are smartphones.



To have fun enjoying life without devices, here are some ideas for a successful Unplugging…


  • Unplug Alone:

    • Jump into a book - and actually finish it

    • Meditate and take some quality you time

    • Go for a long walk and make it a point to talk to your neighbors

    • Go thrift store shopping - afford yourself the time to actually uncover some treasures

    • Finish that project that you have been putting off - sewing, painting, cleaning out the garage


  • Unplug with Friends:

    • Go bowling or get out and have fun and leave the devices at home

    • Go see a movie - you have to turn off your device :)

    • Host dinner or brunch “unplugged” where all devices are collected in a box

    • Impromptu ski trip

    • Get out the bikes and make your own scavenger hunt or “places to see” hit list


  • Unplug with Kids:

    • Get out projects to do with your kids

    • Plan a hike - get outside and go for a day long hike or adventure

    • Grab the binoculars and make a list of all of the animals you see

    • Go to the museum and spend the day learning

    • Prepare a day of baking or a project that you can do together

    • Get ahead of your spring cleaning

    • Go on a picture taking spree - with a real camera


So go for it!  Enjoy the day - unplugged! And when the unplugging is done, come and share what you did!